Real Name: Nemesis
Universe/Timeline: Age of Apocalypse / Marvel Universe / Exiles Universe
Current Status: Deceased
Categorization: Mutant

Aliases: none
Nationality: Egyptian
First Appearance: X-Men Alpha
Last Appearance: Exiles (1st series) #62
Cause of Death:
Energy state absorbed by Hyperion and metabolized for power

Powers and Abilities: enhanced strength, endurance, reflexes, and physical invulnerability, direct bio-nuclear microwave blasts, drain lifeforce from others to charge his phasing and shapeshifting crystalline armor

Dark Descendants, Four Horsemen (AoA), Exiles

Notes: Holocaust replaced Beak on the Exiles' team. His nationality comes from his father, Apocalypse -- his mother's lineage and his actual country of birth are not known.


Holocaust from the Age of Apacolypse


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